Saturday, 4 January 2014

new life it is.. i'm struggling for degree now.

hey!, long time no publish..

im sorry.. its been so busy lately.. plus i forgot my email and password.. and too lazy to search into google haha..

and today is my lazy day and no one is here.. so im bored and i decided to find my old email back.. and pooff.. here i am.. publish again.. haha..(poyos much)

owhh okay.. about my degree life.. hmm quite tuff.. but i can get trough it.
 actually its about  the end of semester now.. so its been 6 months im here in Puncak Alam. hmhmhm...
nothing's special here..

actually i kinda miss my family a lot.. yeah.. i've never been this far with my family tho~

but i kinda like it sometime because it taught me how to be independent.. hmm..


wish me goodluck then..

bye bye~ :)

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